Is Taking The WIDA Test Really That Hard?

Before completing the admission process at SNA, students at all levels need to take the entrance assessment. This is an important section to evaluate their ability, their language skills and their knowledge. From there, students will be placed to the most appropriate learning environment. And one of the test that students have to take is the globally-known WIDA test.
?WIDA (World Class Intructional Design and Assessment) determines the student’s current level of English proficiency which informs our programmatic decisions, such as initial identification of EAL learners and identifying the right type of support we need to provide our student with.
✅ Based on the results of the WIDA test, SNA’s teachers can understand better and provide an effective learning path for each student, and help them achieve the highest performance in school. In another words, the WIDA test will help identify students’ English abilities and provide the appropriate support they need. Therefore, WIDA is not a pass/fail test.
?However, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, this assessment process has been converted to an online method which is extremely easy, convenient, and efficient.
?️The online entrance assessment includes:
• Mathematics test (for Elementary),
• Language placement (for High School)
• WIDA English assessment (for all levels)
• Bài thi WIDA đánh giá 4 kỹ năng nghe,nói,đọc,viết tiếng Anh (đối với mọi cấp lớp)
?️There are several types of assessment, which some of them will be conducted as 1:1 interviews with the teachers, some will be written assessments under the supervision of SNA Admission team via video call. The application is then sent back to the school at the end of the exam.

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