One’s adolescence consists of enthusiastic days, exploring destinations with friends, and making lots of joyous memories. When people grow up over the years, the memories of their school days are still deep and intact in the mind.
Therefore, students should enrich their youth with beautiful, exciting outdoor experiences and trips with friends. So that later on in life, when they look back at it, they wouldn’t feel any regret.
With the desire to fulfill those precious memories for our students, the SNA Eagle Camp promises to be a place where they can acquire useful knowledge to develop themselves and bond with teachers, and friends.
☀️ ???? ? ??? ????? are organized every week based on the theme of the week with reflections on learning and time to bond.
☀️ ??? ????? (?-?): ??? ?????? ???? ??? ????? ???? ?????? ???? to one of these locations: Dam Sen waterpark, Dai Nam amusement park, Vietopia, Kiz City,… for a memorable summer experience.
☀️ ??? ????? (?-?): ? ???? ??? ? ????? ???? ?? ???? ????, ?? ???
Students will engage in Team building sports, explore the life of the local community, understand the science behind hot springs, contribute to the United Nations sustainable goals by beach cleaning project to protect life below water.
☀️ ??? ????? (?-??) ?????, ? ?????? ?????????? ?? ??? ??????????? ?? ??? ????
Create unforgettable memories through team-building games, activities, sleep under the stars, gather around the campfire, hike through the forest with friends, explore the flora and fauna understand biodiversity in Vietnam; service and action opportunities to help the community.
? Starting date: 27 June 2022
? Registration link:
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