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Since ancient times, the image of the Bald Eagle – a majestic bird found only in North America – represents the innovative desire, courage, power, and freedom, not being controlled by anything.
With a mighty appearance: a yellow beak, the whole body is brown, whilst the white feathers cover its head and neck – the image of the eagle is even more impressive and exudes a majestic and elevated appearance that can even conquer the sky. These are also the reasons why the Bald Eagle was chosen as the symbol of the United States.
? As SNA also shares the same ideal and mission, we decided to choose the symbolic image of the Bald Eagle to express the importance of education that we have been highly valued and believed in our students’ higher-level achievements, as well as empowered liberal education spirits in the idiom “People make everything – Education makes people”.
? Thereby, we hope that SNA will be a perfect place to provide a positive, safe, healthy, nurturing, respectful, and emotionally supportive learning environment in which students can learn at their own pace, working towards their goals.
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