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According to Henley Passport Index, the world’s most “powerful” passport can travel to 194 countries and territories without a visa. If you compare one global curriculum to that passport that can open the door to numerous universities and colleges around the world, then the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes is definitely at the top of the list.

What is an IB Education compared to a more traditional approach?

Key aspects of what SNA offers students is focused on academic integrity which is a fundamental value for all higher-level colleges and universities. IB students differ from other students in more traditional settings because they are infused with academic integrity and have a deeper understanding of a global society including the cultures and views which provides them a deeper appreciation and acceptance of new views concerning their academic studies and their involvement in both our school community and the wider community within Vietnam and beyond.

In recent years, “student-centered learning” has been a trending keyword in education, and the IB curriculum is one of the few learning programs that truly embodies this ideal. IB students are active participants in the learning process and are provided ownership of their learning and a voice within the school community. In an IB setting we still have high standards, learning objectives, and standards, but students are not ranked among the student population. Instead, students are provided focused individual support to ensure they have a well-rounded holistic foundation.

Thanks to the two factors mentioned above, IB students excel in the development of stronger academic and social-emotional characteristics and compared to other academic programs and approaches perform higher academically. The core of an IB program is to begin students early with thoughtful and purposely designed interdisciplinary units. There are still elements of stand-alone subjects, but every individual in the world learns best when learning is interdisciplinary in nature rather than segregated into stand alone subject. As students progress from the Primary Years Program (PYP) in the Middles Years Program (MYP) the courses become more specific and subject teachers collaborate with Interdisciplinary units. Once students progress to the IB Diploma (IB-DP) program subjects are more focused and even more challenging.

At International Schools of North America (SNA) South Saigon, all students are encouraged to think critically and provided the necessary skills to solve complex problems. As a student-centered approach every student helps drive their own learning and are indeed more culturally aware and more able to engage with others in globalized world that is rapidly changing. The International Baccalaureate (IB) framework is the only program recognized by higher level institutions as a college preparatory program and this leads our students toward successful enrollment in some of the highest-ranking universities around the world.  

What is the difference between an IB school and an IB Continuum school? Why is this important?

IB Schools offer any variety of the three key programs, Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Program (MYP), and the Diploma Program (DP). An IB Continuum school offers all three programs which provides a seamless connection from elementary to high school further providing every student a challenging and balanced internationally global education. All programs are challenging and provide a framework for the high standards at International Schools of North America and are geared to the personal and academic achievement that is age appropriate. As a Continuum school, SNA Saigon South Campus fosters the development in all students to be good learners, resilient, responsible, culturally open-minded. The seamless transition from PYP to MYP and then to DP provides students a familiarity with the terminology and expectations of the program as well as a stronger connection and preparation as they grow from elementary to high school.

Difference between AP, A-Levels, and IB

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program differs from other programs such as A-levels and Advanced placement (AP). The A-Level program is ultimately made up of specific and separate subjects and activities. The IB program centers around a core set of competencies, values, and skills that are crucial to the balanced development of all students. Both the IB and AP programs are different that offer challenging and engaging coursework, but AP is focused on specific subject and IB is focused on a more holistic approach which is the preferred method of higher-level universities. AP is designed to provide students with college credit in specific course and IB already has this embedded in its holistic program and fully acknowledged and accepted by higher level universities. Feedback from elite universities around the world highlight that IB students are the preferred candidates and obtain priority when universities review for admissions.

SNA Saigon South Campus is not only focused on high standards, but also with social-emotional support as well. We offer a comprehensive child safety curriculum and provide training to all stakeholders inside the school and for parents as well. SNA takes the safety and well-being of all students very seriously. All teachers are qualified staff with an abundant amount of experience. They are also provided many opportunities to further develop annually. These methods include specific trainings, workshops, and monitoring to ensure they are continuing to grow as educators which leads to larger impacts for our student’s academic achievement.

Students are not only assured of an interesting curriculum and quality teachers, but can also fully develop in a comprehensive learning environment with modern equipment for all subjects: lab rooms, virtual golf room, or design classroom with modern laser 3D printer. All create a solid foundation, a “powerful passport” for students to head straight to a successful future.

SNA Saigon South Campus accepts admission for 2024-2025 academic year. If you enroll before the 30th of April, you will receive an exclusive scholarship of up to 50%. For more information, please contact our Admission Department via hotline: 0964466014.

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